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Sponge is an American alternative rock band formed in Detroit, Michigan in 1992

by vocalist Vinnie Dombroski, guitarists Mike Cross and Joey Mazzola,

bassist Tim Cross, and drummer Jimmy Paluzzi.


After shopping demos as the newly formed quintet, the song “Neenah Menasha”

caught the ears of A&R person Pablo Mathiason and the band signed with The Work Group

(a Columbia Records subsidiary) in the fall of 1993.  The following year,

Sponge released the now iconic, Platinum-selling debut album, “Rotting Piñata,”

to global, critical and commercial success.


After two top 10 hit singles, several tours and live television performances, including

the John Stewart Show and Late Night with David Letterman, Sponge followed up their

debut with 1996's "Wax Ecstatic.” This sophomore effort garnered a "Song Of The Year" nod

from Rolling Stone Magazine for title track “Wax Ecstatic.” The album also yielded two

additional top 10 hit singles and featured a guest vocal appearance from Richard Butler

of the Psychedelic Furs on the song “I Am Anastasia.”

Since then, Sponge continues to release new music and keeps a near-constant tour

schedule to the pleasure of their legion of loyal followers.


Though continually led by Vinnie Dombroski, Sponge’s lead singer and chief songwriter,

the band has seen a few line-up changes over the course of its 30+ year career.

Sponge currently features: Andy Patalan (guitar, vocals) and his brother Tim Patalan (bass).

The Patalan brothers were a natural addition to the band, having previously engineered and

produced the first three Sponge records at their studio, The Loft, in Saline, Michigan.

The Brothers Patalan are joined by Kyle Neely (guitar) and recent addition,

former Taproot drummer Dave Coughlin.


Sponge's discography includes nine studio albums, four live albums, and

seven charting singles; 4 of which have made Billboard Magazines top 10.

The band has also been featured on several compilations and

movie soundtracks over their decades long career.


They are best known for their prominent 1994 hit single "Plowed" (#5 on Billboard Alt Rock)

as well as the 1995 hit "Molly (16 Candles)” (#3 on Billboard Alt Rock), the 1996

hit "Wax Ecstatic” (#10 on Billboard Mainstream Rock) and 1997’s hit

"Have You Seen Mary"(#7 on Billboard Mainstream Rock) respectively.


Sponge is busy supporting their latest release and shows no sign

of stopping for the foreseeable future.


Proudly representing the city of Detroit, Sponge takes their well earned

place as a part of Rock-N-Roll’s lengthy musical history.

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